Tymoteusz and the Little Dog

Tymoteusz and the Little Dog

Kategoria wiekowa: Od 4 lat
Data premiery: 26 września 2020
Czas trwania 1 h

Opis spektaklu

The play tells the story about young, dexterous, although really lonely teddy bear – Tymoteusz. His dad gave him a really mature task – buying eggs from Mrs. Hen. On his way to the shop Tymoteusz befriends a little dog. Will dad let him keep the Little Dog? Or maybe Tymoteusz can sneak the dog under his bed, as a secret. Meanwhile, at night tricky fox creeps into the house. He is going to steal all the teddy’s belongings. But, buuut… there’s a growling surprise under the bed. Little Dog turns out to be a hero, who gets teddy’s things back, and in return gains lifelong gratitude and love, not only from Tymoteusz but also his stubborn dad.
Theatrical stories by Jan Wilkowski about Teddy Tymoteusz, are classics of Polish dramaturgy for children. In our play it is shown in very nice, entertaining stage design. Along with the music, actors will build a theatrical space with plush blocks.


  • Jan Wilkowski


  • Katarzyna Bała i Joanna Rząp


  • Lucyna Mroczek-Szymańska, Daniel Szymański

    stage design

  • Grzegorz Seweryn


  • Aleksandra Ciecierska

    electric guitar

  • Dariusz Czajkowski



  • Katarzyna Bała
  • Joanna Rząp
  • Karol Gaj
  • Wojciech Żak

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