Tale about White Beastie

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Tale about White Beastie

Kategoria wiekowa: Od 0 do 5 lat
Data premiery: 26 stycznia 2013
Czas trwania 50 minutes

Opis spektaklu

Beastie is a fluffy, naive, cute and really, really white…hmm…well…!!! Just beastie! His life is just as cute and white as he is. Probably it would stay this way if his older brother – Motley Monster didn’t show up.

This is where the real adventure starts. The adventure of our heroes, it will touch our viewers’ hearts and together with Beastie they will explore a beautiful world full of colors. Including their secrets, mysteries, smells, shapes…their beauty and warmth.


  • Tomasz Kowalski

    scenario, direction, stage design

  • Michał Makulski



  • Joanna Rząp
  • Agata Madejska
  • Stefan Szulc

We kindly ask You to bring flimsy shoes or socks, due to the character of the play and our little viewers’ comfort. If You do not have shoes for change, theatre can provide shoe protectors. Shoe change is obligatory to everyone.

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