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Kategoria wiekowa: Od 3 lat
Data premiery: 11 czerwca 2022
Czas trwania 1h 10min (without the interval)

Opis spektaklu

Can you imagine talk behind fairy-tale character’s back?! Or saying those things to their face? And how? Laughing until one cries? How can it be?! Well, it can be!

W przezabawnych dialogach napisanych przez Martę Guśniowską aktorzy zatapiają zęby niczym Wilk w drożdżowym cieście, a najśmieszniejsze lalki, jakie świat wymyślił – muppety, wcielają się w barwnych bohaterów “Czerwonego Kapturka”.

But what is it about this story… Naive Girl carries a basket across the forest, and the evil Wolf…wait…wait… What evil wolf?… Red Riding Hood is supposed to be likeable girl, and the Wolf should be polite, a little shy animal. To this bunch of characters lets add elegant, but characterful and modern mom, charming woodman and of course eternally young grandma with an amazing sturdiness.
The author again surprises us with her extraordinary ideas for modern versions of the classic tales, reaching hearts of both, young and adult viewers.

The creators together with the actors offer the convention of ‘theatre in the theatre’ – fast-flowing, full of funny actions, vivid music and movement. The youngest ones are going to be invited to the music interaction, which shows that the Wolf is not SO scary and that love is the best cure even for the bellyache.


  • Marta Guśniowska


  • Katarzyna Kawalec


  • Areta Puchalska

    stage design and puppets

  • Wiktoria Jureczko


  • Radosław Bolewski


  • Stefan Szulc

    director’s assistant

  • Patrycja Kundro


  • Stefan Szulc

    stage manager


  • Ewa Zawada
  • Joanna Rząp
  • Stefan Szulc
  • Jacek Mikołajczyk

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