Kategoria wiekowa: Od 6 lat
Data premiery: 12 października 2018
Czas trwania 1h 20min (with an interval)

Opis spektaklu

Let us introduce You to this musical based on Karolcia – bestseller of Maria Krüger! The story of a girl who owns a magical bead which makes wishes come true, it’s been read to children for 60 years. Thanks to this play the viewers can experience miracles of the bead.

Karolcia plays while flying through the sky, becomes invisible, magics up toys and candies, and hocuses surprising with it adults and children. But can we use magic without any restrictions? What’s the cost of wishes? The girls finds out that the bead changes people. It tempts them with power and wealth, makes them greedy. What is the best way to use this power? What wish do we want to come true?


  • Maria Krüger


  • Judyta Berłowska


  • Amadeusz Nosal

    dramaturgy and screening

  • Ola Żurawska

    stage design and costumes

  • Michał Cyran


  • Dawid Sulej Rudnicki


  • Paulina Grochowska

    vocal preparation

  • Zuzanna Bojda


  • Patrycja Kundro


  • Edyta Dziura

    stage manager


  • Adrianna Bieżan
  • Agata Małycha - Szczypuła
  • Edyta Dziura
  • Karol Gaj
  • Wojciech Żak
  • Paulina Janik-Żak (featuring)
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