Kategoria wiekowa: Od 0 do 5 lat
Data premiery: 31 marca 2012
Czas trwania 50 minutes

Opis spektaklu

The protagonists of this play are Puc and Ciut who find an egg…and they decide to take care of it. Soon a caterpillar hatches out of the egg! Caterpillar Eggy with very big appetite starts to eat everything. Friends give her various snacks and try to keep her entertained. However, uninterested Eggy just eats, eats and eats…and finally she falls asleep. Eggy wakes up as a beautiful butterfly. Amazed Puc and Ciut want her to stay with them, but Eggy flies away.

During the play viewers can experience word plays based on ambiguity of words and their sound advantages. The play is not only funny, it is also educational: it is a story about experiencing the world, growing up and friendship. Cosy character of the play, possibility of various sensations and educational part make this play a perfect proposition for every little viewer. What’s more, after the play young ones can take a photo with plush props and our friendly Puc and Ciut.


  • Maciej Dużyński

    scenario and direction

  • Anna Chadaj

    stage design

  • Marek Żurawski



  • Katarzyna Bała
  • Agnieszka Raj-Kubat

We kindly ask You to bring flimsy shoes or socks, due to the character of the play and our little viewers’ comfort. If You do not have shoes for change, theatre can provide shoe protectors. Shoe change is obligatory to everyone.

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