Bromba Online

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Bromba Online

Kategoria wiekowa: Od 6 lat
Data premiery: 16 września 2017
Czas trwania 1h 30min (with an interval)

Opis spektaklu

Anyone who meets Bromba loves her at once. ”Bromba and others” by Maciej Wojtyszko has become one of the Polish favourites, and in year 2003 with the votes of the Gazeta Wyborcza readers it gained the reputation of ”Kanon Książek dla Dzieci i Młodzieży”. For almost four decades the adventures of this remarkable character have lived to see many book revivals, sequels, adaptations and what’s the most important – it hasn’t lost their topicality. Bromba still has unique friends who share amazing adventures with her, they travel to different universes, train their imagination and ask seemingly simple questions that make us think.

This is also the character of the play Bromba w sieci (Bromba Online). With the presence of well-known characters from Maciej Wojtyszko’s stories: famous detective Kajetan Chrumps, poet Fikandr and his muse Malwinka, mysterious Pciuch and obviously Bromba. This time they encounter new adventure, searching and fighting mean Virus who destroys our computers. To win they are ready to travel to the virtual reality!


  • Maciej Wojtyczka


  • Rafał Sisicki


  • Aleksandra Szempruch

    stage design, costumes

  • Irina Blokhina


  • Małgorzata Hanak

    vocal preparation

  • Jakub Lewandowski


  • Paweł Szymkowiak



  • Agnieszka Wajs (featuring)
  • Joanna Rząp
  • Sara Lech
  • Wojciech Żak
  • Rafał Pietrzak (featuring)
  • Karol Gaj

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