Diary of a plasticine man

Diary of a plasticine man

Kategoria wiekowa: Od 4 lat
Data premiery: 29 września 2018
Czas trwania 1h (no interval)

Opis spektaklu

Is there anyone who has not heard about plasticine figure wearing green pants? Charming little man living in Tosia’s pencil case, experiencing amazing adventures. He meets various school accessories, fights with blob from the notebook, saves pencil from naughty Zosia and escapes from little rascal Bronek. All of that to gentle a kid with school – good and friendly place where friendships are created, where children learn and primarily – practise their imagination.

We invite all the children with their parents for our play, in which everyone is going to remind themselves how remarkable can a classroom be.


  • Edyta Januszewska

    direction and dramaturgy

  • Ludmila Bubanova

    stage design

  • Olga Ryl-Krystianowska


  • Michał Dresnerprojekcje


  • Ignacy Zalewski


  • Patrycja Kundro


  • Ewa Zawada

    stage manager


  • Katarzyna Bała
  • Joanna Rząp
  • Ewa Zawada
  • Szymon Stęchły
  • Stefan Szulc
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Nieśmiertelny Plastuś Wiesław Kowalski, 28.10.2018 (Teatr dla Wszystkich)

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